Fire Safety Month-JILI in Action

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Every November 9 is the National Fire Day, and every November is the Fire Safety Month as well. At the beginning of November, the Logistics and Security Office of the Group organized a series of fire training and emergency drills for employees.
On Nov. 2, in the lobby of the second floor of the office building, Director Yang Tianyan of the Logistics Office gave a lecture on the theoretical knowledge of fire safety to employees on the theme of "Understanding Fire and Learning Safety" Through this study, many employees know that there are so many safety knowledge around them that they need to pay attention to. They have learned how to deal with and save themselves from accidents in their work and life.
At the end of the seminar, the staff were organized to use common fire equipment and the basic essentials of extinguishing the initial fire. At the same time, the staff experienced the steps of actual operation of fire equipment. Employees reflects that they have not used these equipment in the past, and are relatively unfamiliar with the use of steps after the experience. Through today's learning, we have learned a lot of relevant knowledge. In the future, if we encounter accidents in this area, we will not be too nervous. It is necessary to understand that knowledge in this area can also benefit for life.
In this activity, the company has trained the newly recruited employees, raised the safety awareness of the whole staff, enhanced the emergency disposal ability of the staff, effectively improved the staff's ability to prevent and control fire fighting and emergencies, and provided security for safety management and safety production.
           Human resources Dept: Yao Fanding

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