Xin Guorong, Secretary of Ba’nan District Committee, visited our company for investigation and resea

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On the morning of November 6, 2018, Xin Guorong, Secretary of the Ba’nan District Committee, led the heads of the Economic and Credit Commission, the Economic Park Management Committee, the District Federation of Industry and Commerce, and the Huaxi Street Office, and came to our company to investigate the development of private economy. Group President Xia Feng, Party Secretary Xia Yu, General Manager of the company to Mingsheng and Deputy vice-presidents in charge of the reception.
Accompanied by General Xia and others, Secretary Xin and his delegation visited the die-casting workshop, stamping workshop and generator workshop in the fourth factory area of our company. They had a detailed understanding of the company's production and operation. He was pleased to see the busy and orderly production site of the production workshop. He also pointed out that the district government should conscientiously implement the central policy on the development of the national private economy. The relevant departments of the district government should take the development of economy as the center, create a good development environment and atmosphere, and do a good job in serving the development of private enterprises
In the course of investigation, Xia Yu, Secretary of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of the Group, reported to Secretary Xin that under the global economic downturn, the company actively sought a way out, took the initiative to attack, consolidate and expand overseas markets. Secretary Xia also reported to the district leaders that the company had made a special trip to the United States in late October to communicate and exchange fruitfully with Cummins, B&S, Honda, Fushihua and other high-end customers on new fields, new technology and new material applications in the future, and signed an intention agreement of nearly 200 million yuan. Secretary Xin said that General Secretary Xi stressed at the national private economy symposium that "China's private economy can only grow stronger and strive to move towards a broader stage", which is to encourage our private enterprises to make the cake of enterprises fine, actively strive for business initiative, seize good opportunities and stand at the peak of the domestic and foreign industries.
In his investigation, Secretary Xin was also very concerned about the progress of our new energy expansion project, and pointed out that "the development and contribution of non-public economy is indispensable in the construction of national economy. Ba’nan District Party committee, district government and relevant functional departments should constantly enhance the consciousness of serving enterprises, strengthen communication and coordination, and vigorously support the development of private enterprises willing to do things, do things really and do practical things". It is required that the administrative committee of the economic Park of the district increase the promotion of project stationing, promote the investment and construction of the project as soon as possible under the premise of compliance with the law, and make new contributions to the economic construction of Ba’nan District.

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