Good News! Banan District Advanced Power Equipment Industry Cluster Successfully Selected for Advanc

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Recently, the list of characteristic industrial clusters for small and medium-sized enterprises in 2023 issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has been publicized. A total of five characteristic industrial clusters in Chongqing have been selected, among which Banan District's advanced power equipment industrial cluster list is listed.

It is reported that the advanced power equipment industry cluster in Banan District has gathered leading engine complete machine enterprises such as Chongqing Ling yao, Zongshen power, Jili Yunfeng and other engine leading enterprises, Millison science and technology, Pengshi science and technology, Zhongde forging, core transmission component enterprises such as Dajiang Jiexin, Dajiang axle, Jianshe industry(group), as well as advanced aviation engine complete machine manufacturing and key supporting component enterprises such as Zongshen Aero-Development, Presen, covering the fuel power, general-purpose power, electromagnetic power, hydrogen power and other traditional power systems and new power systems, forming a chain development structure of "basic components → core components → powertrain → machine (terminal) ← key parts".

At present, the cluster has gathered 207 enterprises, of which 49 are "specialized, special and new" enterprises, 7 are "small giants" enterprises and 1 is a "single champion" enterprise. It has developed and produced over 2000 products, with a local matching rate of over 50% and a domestic matching rate of over 98%.

The relevant person in charge of Banan District Economic Information Commission said that in the future, Banan District will use aviation power, electromagnetic power, hydrogen power fas traction to lead the transformation and upgrading of the power equipment industry cluster, filling the shortcomings and weaknesses in the domestic aviation engine industry. With fuel power and general power as the main forces, we will promote the "strengthening, supplementing, stabilizing, and increasing the supply chain" of small and medium-sized enterprises, striving to basically build an influential power equipment manufacturing base in the western region by 2025.

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