Sail in the same boat, forge ahead

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On the afternoon of 13th January 2023, the hall of office building of Jili Yunfeng Company was filled with music and bustling crowds. The 2022 Annual Advanced Commendation Meeting of Chongqing Jili Yunfeng Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. was held as planned. The exemplary individual and representatives attending the meeting were all in high spirits, and other participants were in high spirits.

With the host's command "Please stand up and sing the "Song of Jili"", the hall resounded with majestic music, "...... like eagles fighting against the blue sky, like horses running on the grassland ..." a stirring and beautiful melody echoed over the company. ..." The passionate and beautiful melody echoed over the company. Then Mr Xiang, vice president of the company, delivered a New Year's greeting on behalf of the company, reviewed the storms of 2022, looked forward to the ardent expectations of 2023, and congratulated the advanced individuals and collectives, encouraging them to make persistent efforts to create new achievements for the development of the enterprise. Later, senior leaders of the company issued honorary certificates, prizes and bonuses to the individual and collective representatives who won awards, including the "Excellent Jili Yunfeng People", "Quality Pioneer", "Skilled Operator", "Safety Pioneer", "Sales Champion", "Advanced Technology Worker", "Advanced Employee", "Special Personnel Management", "Excellent Trainer", "Advanced Individual and Collective in Confidentiality".

The road is long and far away, we should seek it from top to bottom. 2022 has waved away, 2023 is a brand new beginning, our wish is too much: may the country be strong and prosperous, may the society be safe and stable, may our employees' families be auspicious and happy, may all of our Jili people unite as one, and may our Jili continue to develop and grow, the products sell well all over the world ... ... All of this starts from "us", starts from "me", and let us all work together, closely focusing on the company's strategic development goals, and strive to practice the core values of "Integrity, Ingenuity, Dedication to society, and Pursuit of excellence" , and welcome the new year of 2023!

Let's forge ahead through the storms !

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