Life is first and safety is first

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What is the most precious thing in the world?Human life, no doubt.Every life is the soul of heaven and earth, the essence of all things, every life is a sacred hymn, is not a leap forward brilliant Zhai Star.Then, safety is to protect the life of the continuation of the sail, life is not next time, only safe every time.The light of life, because of safety and bright, the song of life, because of safety and agitation;The tree of life grows green with safety.To the world you are just an ordinary worker, to a family, you are the whole, you are the beam of the home, you are the day of spouse, you are the mountain of children.You feel your parents care about you, feel your partner's attachment to you, feel all the people who love you miss you.
2018 is the first year of my internship. Just like my peers, I come to a company for internship with beautiful dreams and visions for the future. This is the first step for me to step into the society.Due to professional reasons, I arranged to practice on the spot in the mold department.During the internship, I also witnessed many accidents with varying degrees of injury.An employee of the mold department used a crane to lift the mold. Due to the rope slipping, a mold fell on the operator's foot. Due to the protection of labor insurance shoes, the instep and ankle were injured to different degrees.When the stamping department was changing the mold, the employee violated the rules and installed the mold without safety protection. The mold suddenly dropped and the operator's finger broke.It made me feel the fragility of life. At that time, I was afraid, frightened and sad. The fresh life would turn into nothingness in an instant.With the passage of time, I have heard and seen a lot of safety accidents. Our production slogans are eye-catching and our minds and consciousness are clear. All accidents are caused by the neglect of safety in the final analysis.Every accident is about a life, every life is about a family.Safety production is the red line, but also the lifeline, high voltage line, the production of thousands of, the first safety, behavior is not standard, two lines of tears loved ones.
Throughout the history, safety accidents have been caused for one reason or another, causes have been analyzed after the event, experiences have been summarized and lessons learned...For the existing facts, we cannot shirk responsibility, try our best to reduce the damage to the minimum, and try our best to minimize the damage and loss.As our leaders said, "The lesson of blood and tears is vivid in my mind. The main reason is that we have neglected the details of our work and life. All the hidden dangers of safety accidents are caused by our irresponsible work.The neglect of security, the neglect of security, will inevitably pay a heavy price for this.The lesson of blood and the call of life have proved to us many times that any negligence and lax, it is possible to bury a serious accident hidden danger.We don't dare, we can't afford it. It's not scaremongering, it's heartfelt."Yes, a safety accident, is the most red the most striking slogan, ahead of time to do protective measures, is to their own life the most responsible action.Security is the biggest politics, the biggest stability, the biggest harmony, the biggest benefit and the biggest happiness!
Security is a kind of happiness, happiness is a beautiful state.Safety is the basis of people's production and survival, safety to ensure life, body from injury, property from loss, safety is the core of the enterprise, is the fundamental guarantee of enterprise development, safety is benefit.All accidents should be prevented.I like a famous quote from Mr. Dickens, "We get life with an indispensable condition, we should be brave to defend life until the last minute.What is safety?I think safety is a kind of attitude, we should further improve the status of safety, always tighten the string of safety, safety work only starting point, no end.Safety is a kind of responsibility. While improving self-safety consciousness and safeguard ability, we should also fully understand the extreme and importance of safety.Safety is a kind of spirit, as long as we consciously abide by the rules and regulations, strengthen responsibility, implement the responsibility for their own safety, know well, real-time grasp, then safety is guaranteed.Security is a kind of experience, fundamentally find a solution to the problem, put an end to slack thinking, focus on the strength, go all out.Security is everything, is for the home to live and work, for happiness more a guard, for the future of a look forward to.

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