(Jili Monthly News) Jili received invitation for attending the 17th ‘Zonshen Power Cup Men’s Basketb

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Jili received invitation for attending the 17th ‘Zonshen Power Cup Men’s Basketball tournament’ from administration department of Zonshen Group. This is the 3rd successive we get the invitation for the match.
We couldn’t carry out any trainings due to many factors this year. We found our team hurrily without trainings as time was limited. Unfortunately, we lost the match. This is our worst basketball competition result.
There are many reasons that lead this unpleasant result. First, the time has been very limited for team trainings since we get the invitation. This exposed our poor organizing ability; Second, our team staff came from different branch companies in our group with more than 70 kilometers distance in each company. They do not know, trust or cooperate each other in the short time in the competition. Third, we have not a professional coach for tactics guiding in team competition spot at the time of the situation to be applied flexibly. Therefore, we lost it.
But the Zonshen team, who have very strong offentive players from different combinations of excellent players, attacked very sharply and got the match fastly when it began.
However, our loss was dignified-our team played hard and fairly, and displayed impeccable sportsmanship and served as ideal role models.
We have got more than 50 scores in every match as our full efforts of total team. This gave a great pressure to our competitors. We got all teams’ respect and applause in this activity.
It exposed some problems of our team by this competition. These problems lead our loss. We will conduct careful observation with seriously analysis, organize sufficient centralized trainings in our team and improve individual players skills and tactics as well as the overall ability of the whole team to win our own glory.

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