Safety production, We are in action

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During the safety production, every operator in that station is the first person responsible for the safety, which is undoubted. But few operators has weak consciousness, unprofessional operation cause the accident. If the operator didn't aware of the safety responsibility, he/she will not understand the importance of the safety production. Therefore, during the 19th national safety production month, our company closely followed the theme of "eliminating potential accidents and building a strong safety defense line", organized and carried out a series of activities, such as safety education and learning, investigation and treatment of potential safety hazards, and safety accident emergency drills, with the purpose of enhancing the safety responsibility awareness of employees.

Safety production month activities have been highly valued by the company's managements, the company's leaders pointed out that safety production should focus on production and safety at the same time. To implement the safety work, the company specially approved the monthly activity funds. At the beginning of June, the Safety Dept issued the notice on carrying out the activities of safety production month in 2020, and carried out the activity in combination with the theme of this year's work safety month theme of "eliminating potential accidents and building a strong safety line of defense".

In order to ensure that the safety production month activities are organized, planned, inspected and implemented, Li Yong, director of the Safety Department, took the lead in organizing the safety month series activities. Leaders, divisions and departments at all levels actively cooperate to carry out Safety Month activities.

Use various forms of safety education to carry out a variety of safety education training and team safety activities to improve the employees' safety production awareness. Workshops and departments should seriously organize and study typical cases of safety accidents in the company from 2018 to 2020, and carry out study and discussion in team safety activities in combination with the actual situation of the workshop, so that all staffs can participate in the study of safety accidents.

In order to implement the monthly activity of safety production, our department carries out safety inspection on the workshop site, supervises, guides and supervises the safety risks in the workshop rectification according to the existing safety hazards and habitual illegal operation. During the activity, the work safety department issued 5 notices for rectification of potential safety hazards, a total of 6 items, which have been rectified and implemented. In addition to the daily shift inspection, weekly safety inspection and monthly safety inspection of company level leaders, the workshop also organized the investigation and rectification of potential safety hazards and comprehensive safety inspection before holidays. More than 45 potential safety risks were found at the workshop level, and 1 risk at the company level. Through planned, organized and purposeful regular inspection and irregular inspection of personnel at all levels, the company's Safety Month activities become more vivid and comprehensive.

During the safety production month activities, the company carried out 10 fire fighting and high temperature heatstroke emergency rehearsals in various workshops, involving thousands of people and more than two thirds of production line employees. During the rehearsal, the safety officers of each workshop personally presided over and the main leaders actively participated. The magneto workshop had fire emergency rehearsal. The safety department randomly sets the time of emergency rehearsal to release the rehearsal smoke, the smoke rises, the workshop safety officer blows the whistle, all the employees on the production site complete the evacuation under the orderly command, arrive at the safe place, organize the personnel to stand in the team, count the personnel, and report the situation of the workshop personnel.  The rehearsal was completed in a state of near actual combat. The rehearsal procedures were regular and orderly, and the participants were careful. The rehearsal achieved good results.

Carrying out safety production month activities, popularizing safety production knowledge and creating a good atmosphere of safety production are to improve the safety awareness and self-protection ability of employees and prevent safety accidents caused by habitual violation of regulations. Safety production is a very important work, which is related to the economic development of the company and the life and health of the employees. Let's firmly grasp the policy of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive treatment", actively play the initiative and creativity, and truly implement the work of safety production, so as to ensure the stable operation of the company production.

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