Emergency evacuation drills secure security lines

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In June 020, is the national security for 19 months, in order to further strengthen the company security work, strengthen the workshop staff on fire control safety consciousness, in line with the stick to the policy of "safety first, prevention first" and "people-oriented" thought, improve self-help prevention capacity, to do, when the danger of fire, disaster and so on, to keep up, orderly and quickly according to the safe evacuation, fire escape route to ensure the safety of life, improve emergency hedge ability, therefore, starting workshop workshop according to the company safety committee to decorate, actively carry out the work, the use of safety work, to all the staff in the workshop publicity infusion production safety knowledge,And organized the emergency escape drill, improve the safety awareness of each employee, reduce the occurrence of safety accidents, avoid unnecessary physical injury to employees and bring unnecessary economic losses to the company.
At 9:15 in the morning of June 24th, with the sound of alarm, the fire evacuation drill of starting workshop officially started.
Before the emergency escape drill, the workshop specially organized a meeting to set up the emergency command group. Director Yang Dangfei of the workshop personally acted as the chief commander, and the person in charge of each classroom was the group commander, and the specific emergency escape drill plan was formulated.The drill began. Commanders of all teams guided employees to evacuate quickly from all safety exits. At 9:18, all employees were safely evacuated from the workshop within 3 minutes.
Three minutes might be a good score in the face of a timed disaster.But the drill also revealed some problems: at 9:16 a.m., the drill had begun, and some employees were still thinking about getting things done before evacuating;Some employees sauntered out in a line;Some employees are still looking around....These situations fully show that the organization and publicity work is not in place, and fails to arouse the attention of employees, and fails to achieve the effect of training and improving employees' ability of evacuation and escape, self-rescue and mutual rescue.
Therefore, exercise commander after completely withdraw from the workshop employees, organize in personnel about the drills are summarized: because the time is the first time workshop organize such activities, was not well prepared inexperienced and practice the result is not ideal, after having been instructed to evacuate in personnel did not act now, and have no sense of crisis, when the evacuation of evacuation speed is slow, etc.In the future, the workshop will organize more such activities, so as to prepare for the rainy day and prevent the unexpected.
Safety is higher than Mount Tai, and life is higher than everything else.To enhance the awareness of safety and emergency escape ability is the survival concept of everyone.To treat evacuation drill with a correct attitude is to respect their own lives and the lives of others.I hope that in the next drill, all of us can take actions and treat each safety drill with correct attitude.

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