Eliminate the hidden danger of accidents and build a secure line of defense

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News : on the afternoon of June 5, 2020, the 2020 fire safety training meeting held by the general manager's office, safety office and security team was held in the company as scheduled. This annual training meeting is the company's annual routine fire emergency safety training course. The participants of the training are mainly from Jili group, Yunfeng pharmaceutical, chuangkun Electromechanical, Kening company and some key employees of the Department, new employees, grass-roots management personnel, etc., a total of 115 trainees. Two lecturers including director Li from Chongqing safety publicity office were invited to explain and train the trainees in two stages.

The first is the basic knowledge and case analysis course, which is located in the restaurant on the second floor of the office building. The training meeting was briefly mobilized by director Li Yong, director of the general manager's office and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee. First of all, director Li fully affirmed that all departments actively sent personnel to participate in the training, and stressed the importance and necessity of the training meeting. After the director's brief mobilization, today's topic immediately entered.

Theoretical knowledge training will focus on "eliminating the hidden danger of accidents" With the theme of "building a safe defense line", through the detailed explanation of director Li Xiaochuan of the safety publicity office and the detailed analysis of some typical cases, the trainees realized the danger of fire, the necessity of fire prevention and sudden safety incidents, and learned the necessary escape and self rescue methods and preventive measures. Through the detailed explanation of the announcer and combined with the actual analysis, the overall awareness of disaster prevention and mitigation and emergency response of our company has also been enhanced.

The second part of the training - fire equipment practical operation skills training. At 16:00 p.m., the students gathered outside the factory gate under the leadership of the company's security personnel. First of all, the teacher of the safety publicity office gave a comprehensive explanation on the functions and use methods of the main fire-fighting equipment provided by our company, and taught the students to carry out practical operation by hand.

At this time, the fire prepared for the rehearsal has started a big fire. The security team led everyone to participate in the actual operation of dry powder fire extinguisher to extinguish the open fire. Under the guidance of the teacher, the students took turns to fight, and the fire was accurately extinguished again and again. After the first drill, the fire hose connection and water pumping drill were followed. Under the guidance of the teacher, the students studied carefully and quickly mastered the basic method of using. The security guards also demonstrated the actual operation of water drawing. Through this combined with the actual learning, the students mastered the use of these fire-fighting equipment.

This training meeting is an important part of the company's annual training plan, and also a clarion call for the company's safety month publicity. The training has also been strongly supported by various workshops and departments. In the case of heavy production tasks and shortage of personnel, all workshops still send personnel to participate in the training, and some front-line managers of the workshop are personally involved. They fully support the smooth development of the company's safety prevention work through practical actions, and are also affirmed by the safety management office of the general manager's office.

Through the comprehensive fire safety emergency training, the staff not only realized the harm of fire risk and emergency, but also realized the importance of eliminating hidden dangers, preventing fire and safety emergencies, and also learned and mastered the relevant self-help methods and preventive measures. Through such training, the ability of our company to deal with emergencies was enhanced, and the employees were also improved Awareness of disaster prevention and mitigation

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