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To ensure the smooth implementation of annual safety work and environmental equipments operation effectively, we had special inspection for the safety & environment for headquarter, 3rd plant and 4th plant. Vice-GM Chen Qi, administrative Dept, safety Dept, equipment Dept, director of each workshop and safety supervisor of each workshop participated in the inspection.
The inspection team has carried out a network type inspection on the company's environmental equipments, key process, key production equipments & key environmental protection area. During this investigation, it was found that some departments still have potential safety hazards, includes poor equipment maintenance, poor 6S management and health habits. From the inspected problems, it exposes neglect of safety and environmental protection works, which resulting in poor operation of the equipment or failure to achieve the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction.
The inspection team asked timely correcting the problems on site and monitor the actions, issuing the notice of hidden danger rectification. For the hidden dangers that can be rectified immediately, it is required to stop work immediately and conduct the actions before starting the construction. The one cannot be rectified immediately on site, the work safety department shall issue a notice of rectification within a time limit, push forward the rectification plan to complete within the time limit, and the safety production department shall organize the review after the rectification is closed-loop.
Chen Qi says that, safety inspection shall be based on both symptoms and treatment, risk management and control shall be put in front of the dangers occurs, hidden danger investigation and treatment shall be put in front of the accidents, the responsibilities shall be strengthened at all levels to ensure that the responsibilities are clear, the responsibilities are specific to the person and the actions are in place.
The inspection team shall instruct the relevant workshops to rectify the findings immediately, eliminate the supervision blind area, block the security loopholes, and report the rectification results to the security department within a time limit, and the security team shall organize the re-inspection.
The safety department shall organize a large-scale inspection of potential safety and environmental protection hazards once a month as required, and the safety department shall supervise the related workshop to complete the rectifications. Every workshop must carry out daily hidden danger investigation and make inspection records every day, grasp the safety production trends in time, and ensure the smooth and orderly development of the safety production situation.

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