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At the end of Yihai, gengzi spring and Jingchu epidemic, tens of thousands of people were in panic. They all closed their homes, and the roads were empty. However, the external wolf also moves, salivates and waits, the Chinese abdomen back awn thorn. Fortunately, the spirit of the dragon will not die, and the wind and rain will stand! Medicine is selfless, police are fearless, and people are united. The government, the doctors, the soldiers, fight against the retrograde tripod. Merchants, famous families, common people, neighbors donate money, lament the mountains and rivers, the wind and the moon are in the same day, do you mean no clothes, and the same clothes with children. He who is able tries his best, all the people are united. After a month, the disease will be eliminated and the victory will be won. After that, for a hundred years, the wind and rain were smooth and the country was peaceful and the people were safe. ——The great epidemic of Jingchu.
Spring Festival, for Chinese people, is the inheritance of Chinese culture, the happiness of family reunion and dinner, Wang Anshi's saying goodbye to the old and greeting the new with the sound of firecrackers and the warm spring breeze, and the joy of playing at home. Sniff at the novel coronavirus, which is a center of the city of Wuhan, has erupted in China. It has been aggressive. It has made us sneer at us and spurned us. It has taken away our joy, taken away some lives, and has taken away the peace of our entire nation.
The virus is merciless, but there is love in the world. Born in the land of China, we are all lucky. Because, where we can't see, there are always people who go against the road, silently guarding the peace of society for us, cutting a light of hope for us, and supporting a blue sky for us. That octogenarian, academician Zhong Nanshan, who was ordered to fight at the front line of the epidemic, those white angels who took the initiative to fight against the epidemic, those soldiers who could not hide their soul armed in white. It is their actions that give us hope and their selfless dedication that give us the spirit of fighting the epidemic. We are illuminated not only by angels in white, green flowers in the army, academicians of Nanshan, but also by our lovely sanitation workers, express delivery brothers, supermarket aunts They are brave, they are strong, they are not afraid of danger to go to the front line, day and night continue to carry out epidemic prevention work only to save and help more lives, in the edge of life to fight with demons, only to let them live well, only to let them feel the warmth of the world, the greatness of the motherland, let them see the beautiful world more Beautiful China.
China's mode of "small concentration and large mixed residence" is reflected incisively and vividly in this epidemic war. It does not go out or gather, follows the government's anti epidemic guidance, guarantees one province and one city policy, and helps and cooperates with each other among all ethnic groups, enterprises and provinces. It fully demonstrates China's unique cohesion and centripetal force in the epidemic, "you have me in you". We have you in us. "Only when the nation is united can the society be stable and the country prosper. Our friendly neighbors also extended a helping hand to China in times of difficulties. Pakistan iron brotherhood. Their country needs to support Chinese brotherhood no matter how difficult it is. The "disorderly packing" is more precious and reflects deep feelings. The president of Mongolia sent 30000 sheep to China to express sympathy and support, which reflects the deep feelings of China and Mongolia. It is the two neighboring countries of China and Mongolia that help each other and work together in the same boat A vivid translation of. They give support and encouragement in case of snow. We will remember their feelings, just as netizens said "you di Da Di Da me, I Hua La Hua La you".
Although the road of anti epidemic is arduous, the result is always exciting. Follow the party's command and firmly believe that we can win the war! We firmly believe and always believe that no matter how dark the dawn is before dawn, we will finally usher in our first ray of sunshine, no matter how fierce the storm, we will also wait until the day when it is clear. The situation of the epidemic situation has gradually improved. The rapid report has been delivered to us on time. Zero diagnosis has been achieved everywhere. The enterprises are slowly returning to work, and the streets are also full of traffic in the past. That is to say, we are on the road of victory.
When spring comes, everything will pass. Life is always warm and hopeful. Cherry blossoms are quietly blooming. It is not only spring that wakes up, but also Wuhan, which has been sleeping for more than two months. We have submitted a 100% answer sheet to the whole world. Look at our motherland, we have won!

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