Integration of informatization and industrialization has been steadly promoting in JILI.

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On May,21, 2019, we conducted phase II review of integration of informatization and industrialization on execution which is very similar as our international quality management system. We always focus on continuous implement and supervision ensuring that the management system with continuous effective operation.
The core value of integration of informatization and industrialization is to pursuit sustainable development mode with  the basic support of informatization. We will drive our industrialization with information of industrialization and
promote information with industrialization if well take a path of a new pattern of industrialization.
To adapt to the rapid development of the informatization and industrialization, we started the implementation startup meeting on Jul.9, 2018 with our team and complete the current investigation report of integration of informatization and industrilization, sustainable competitive advantage  requirement identification report, new-type capabilities identification report, lean control ability data develoment and utilization solutions in production process successively in 2018.
According to our current investigation analysis, we are under the equipments intellectualization improvements level and  information platform construction stage, including information system planning & implementation of ERP, OA, PDM, SCM, etc., intellectualization of testing equipments combined with 3D softwares in R&D, intellectualization of production equipments and networks system upgrade; forming the perfect information management system.
On May.6, 2019, we completed and passed the phase I review by exprts of Chongqing High-tech center as required with the ten months’ efforts leading by our quality management department & information center team. 
For the 2-day phase II review, we had one general non-conformity item and got the recognition by the professional rating agency with opportunity for recommendations.

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