Learning the Red Flag Canal spirit, strive to practice JEA core values

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On Apr 4th, under the JEA leaders instruction and the careful planning of the logistics support dept, JEA middle and senior management and the business backbones departure for the Central Plains Culture visit.
This Central plains culture visit includes four sight spots. First, Kaifeng city, an ancient capital of eight dynasties,  to feel the millennium prosperous scenery of the Song dynasty.  The second is the birthplace of Chinese archaeology,  the origin place of oracle bone inscriptions and the Chinese bronze civilization -- Yin ruins, paid tribute to the Si Mu Wu Pot, oracle bones and other historical relics. Third, visit the red flag canal project, which is called "artificial galaxy" and "the eighth wonder of the world", and learn its spirit of "self-reliance, hard work, unity and cooperation, and selfless dedication". Forth, visit Luoyang city, one of the cradles of Chinese civilization and the ancient capital of 13 dynasties with a civilization history of more than 5,000 years. enjoy the magnificent Longmen grottoes and the elegant peony garden. The beauty of the central plains is simply breathtaking, but the deepest impression is still the grand project of the red flag canal which reflects the struggle spirit of the Lin county people.
The red flag canal is a water conservancy project built from the mountainside of Taihang mountain in the 1960s under extremely difficult conditions by the people of Lin county. It started construction in February 1960 and was completed in July 1969 without modern equipment and facilities. More than 100,000 people worked hard for 10 years, flattening 1,250 hillheads, erecting 152 aqueducts, and excavating 211 tunnels. More than 22 million cubic meters of earth and rock were dug, The total length of the trunk canal is 70.6 kilometers, and the total length of the irrigation channels is 4013.6 kilometers.
The most representative of the red flag canal project’s hardships is the Youth tunnel project. The youth tunnel, long 616meter, is the longest tunnel in the main trunk canal. It passes through the rocky Taihang mountainside with treacherous terrain. In February 1960 Hengshui commune chose 320 youth to start its. Due to natural disasters and the country's economic difficulties in November, the construction be temporarily stopped. In the hope of early leading the Zhuozhang river water to Lin county, Lin people adhere to the " Better a bitter fight than bitter drought", each commune recommended 300 youth to continue the construction. At that time, cadres and workers in order to fill the stomach, mountain digging wild vegetables, and catching river grass, many people got bloated disease, still adhere to the fight in the construction site. After a year and five months of hard work, the tunnel was completed on July 15, 1961.The local government named it "youth tunnel" in recognition of the hard work of the young people. Imagine there were uncertain rocks falling on head, the ground is full of hard rocks to dig, eating and living in insecurity, everything depending on human labor, work hard nearly one and a half years time, under the perseverance, selfless dedication spirit, willing to the next generation even a native. What a remarkable feat!
The spirit of "self-reliance, hard work, unity and cooperation, and selfless dedication" was formed during the construction of the red flag canal.  In today, the spirit still deserves us to learn and carry forward.  Taking independence as its foothold, hard work and selfless dedication as its core, and the spirit of collectivism of unity and cooperation as its orientation. It not only inherits and develops the fine tradition of diligence and tenacity of the Chinese nation, but also embodies the ideals, beliefs and unremitting pursuit of the contemporary Chinese people .In daily work, we should also take the red flag canal spirit for example, practice JEA core value "honesty on work, carefulness in products, contributing to society, advocates goodness" , keeping flourishing vigor in the fierce market competition, unitedly struggle, constantly improve the ego, work together to come true a better JEA..

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