On the competitive field, I will show my strength

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Participation in the fifteenth Zong Shen power Cup Men's Basketball League

On September 12, 2018, at the invitation of the administrative department of Zongshen Group, our company once again organized a team to participate in the 15th Zongshen Power Cup Men's Basketball Competition. Under the influence of many unfavorable factors, such as loss of personnel, irregular lineup and aging of team, our company successfully formed a team to participate in this competition.

In order to prepare for this competition, trade union chairman Hu Ping took the team to several training grounds for several weeks and carried out targeted training, arranged a thorough technical and tactical plan, striving to show their own style in the competition, play their best level, and present a wonderful game scene for the audience off the field. I will try to show my style in the form of competition.

There are 10 teams participating in this competition, divided into two groups, each group of five teams for the round robin. Since the organizers did not draw the seed teams according to their previous results, they divided all the teams equally at the same time, resulting in many strong teams were divided into the same group, so that the level of group B team was significantly higher than that of group A. Unfortunately, our team was assigned to group B.

On the afternoon of the 12th, after the opening ceremony, our team met a strong opponent in the first game. The opponent was the Zongshen management center team, which had won the championship for several consecutive times. Due to the disparity of strength, our team soon lost by a big score. As a result of being divided into the "death group", our team in the first three games of the group matches have encountered a strong team, although the team did its best, but in the overwhelming advantage of the opponents, due to poor strength, failed to create a miracle.

On the afternoon of October 11, the last round of the group game, our team against the Ba Aluminum United, the strength of the two teams at the same level, the same flag and drum, who play a stubborn style on the spot to play the normal who will increase the probability of winning. "The narrow road meets the brave wins", we have no retreat, all my team members under the leadership of Hu, carry forward the audacious style of Jili people who dare to fight hard battles, can fight hard battles, a drum spirit with 48:46 points of a weak advantage, a hard "carry" under this crucial game.

The victory of this match is of great significance, and it has greatly inspired the morale of the players. It has given us the initiative to win the second stage of the qualifying competition and retained the hope of winning a good place. The long-lost victory was the result of the team's hard work and the outbreak of a strong sense of collective honor.

On the afternoon of October 11, the second stage of the qualifying match started. According to the results of the group matches and our team's last match, our team set the goal of "six guarantees and five fights". To achieve this goal, we must play the first qualifying match well. 15 o'clock, our team ushered in the second phase of the first rival - Zong Shen Park United.

Through careful preparation and deployment before the game, perhaps also inspired by the last victory, our team quickly entered the role, the state of the players also fully erupted. The players were active and tacit in their movements, while both inside and outside were blooming. During the match, our team staged many excellent breakthroughs, layups, assists and precision shots. The opponent was only able to defend against me in front of the sharp attack, and eventually our team won by a landslide of 104-76. This game also created our team's highest score in a single game since the game, this victory also paved the way for us to achieve the second stage of the strategic objectives.

On the afternoon of October 15th, the last battle for the fifth place started in Zongshen basketball court. For other reasons, our team missed two absolute main players, the main line-up attacking and defending system therefore missing two important plates, but can only rely on the existing substitutes. However, our opponent Team Zuo Shifu is a traditional strong team of the Zongshen Group, the strength of our team, in the past year's competition results have been in the forefront, the team has more than 180 large, causing great pressure on my team.

At the beginning of the game, the opponent's No. 9, taller than 183CM, took the lead in starting the game. Depending on his physical strength and technical superiority, he broke through our defense line frequently and won the basketball. At the beginning, he hit a climax one after another, and the score was once enlarged to more than 10 points. Because the opponent 9's strong play, forced our team can only take the key "care", or even take Foul Tactics to block the opponent's offensive. Through this series of targeted tactical arrangements, it seems that we slowly found some ways to deal with the other side's high center, the offense has gradually improved, the interior also played some wonderful cut, breakthrough, and our team's No. 13 heroic long throw, gradually approaching the score. Under our team's tenacious pressure, the other side's defense line also made a "busy foot", the end of the first half, we were 1 point ahead. Because of my team's hard work, the only set of incomplete lineup, but also to the opponent caused enormous trouble, fully illustrated our team's tenacity and the scene of the fire. However, due to the superiority of the other side's strength and the excellent performance of several top players and the full support of the pull-out team, our team eventually lost because of the incomplete lineup and strength. So far, the position of our team in this competition has been fixed in sixth place, the same last competition.

Throughout our team's performance in this tournament, the overall performance is satisfactory. Group competition, due to the strength gap, resulting in the first three games poor performance, failed to achieve the desired goal. The reasons are as follows: first of all, there are some drawbacks in the division system. Last year's champions, runners-up and runners-up were divided into the same group at the same time; secondly, because our team members came to each branch, there was little chance to communicate and compete together in peacetime. In the competition, the players cooperated with each other and cooperated with each other very strangely. The injuries and illnesses also affect the normal play; furthermore, some players are not prepared enough in the face of adversity, coupled with the strong strength of the opponents also restricted the team's technical and tactical play. Many unfavorable factors also cause our team to expose irritability and instability in competition. In the face of the opponent's "crushing" attack, our team failed to continue the momentum of the last game, so that the group matches were defeated.

However, our team also had good performances in the last game of the group match and the first game of the qualifying match. Our players played well in the two tough matches, and their performances on the field were remarkable. Especially the No. 10 player Lin Gang, No. 13 Li Xiong, No. 3 Zhu Feng and No. 12 Kuang Shuai all had good performances. They could also correct themselves in the face of the same strength team. Often play.

Through this competition, we have seen the gap, and have witnessed the strong will quality of my Jili players. In the face of strong opponents, we did not retreat, through the team's active and tenacious struggle, to the opponent left a deep impression, but also won respect, to the Zongshen Group's audience showed us Jili elegant demeanor.

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