JEA launched the third round of safety standardization compliance re-assessment work.

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Life is like a transparent thread, in tears and laughter of yesterday tied at one end with expectations and success of tomorrow at the other. Standing between the two ends, we can understand how precious "life" is, but it is how fragile, we need to cherish all the time! Which person does not want to laugh long? Which family does not want to be happy? Which enterprise does not want to thrive? Which country does not want to thrive? Safety is like a colorful silk thread that connects our perfect wishes to form a stable, peaceful and colorful perfect world.

The security of the country is Cathay Pacific and the safety of the people is civil security. With security, we can walk leisurely on the fields and riverside in the west of the setting sun, singing in a low voice "gathering Chrysanthemum under the East hedge, see the South Mountain leisurely"; with security, we can climb the ladder of life with firm will, singing aloud "when the wind breaks the waves, hang the sails straight to the sea"; with security; Only in this way can our enterprises be like the peach blossom in the spring, and only with security can our country advance steadily on the road of building socialism with Chinese characteristics... Security is like a shining sun that illuminates our whole life, and security is like a growing bond that connects our survival and death. Death.

What is safety? Safety is the life of an enterprise, the happiness of a family, the joy of work, and the efficiency of a unit. We must recognize the relationship between production and safety, because safety and production are interdependent. Safety is accompanied by production. Production is carried out on the premise of ensuring safety. Safety must be guaranteed in the production process. No production can be made without safety. If production safety is neglected simply for the sake of pursuing economic benefits, accidents will surely occur, resulting in economic losses and casualties.

In 2012, our company passed the three-level evaluation of safety standardization in the machinery industry, established a perfect safety standardization operation system, with a complete set of safety production management network system, unified management and coordination of the company's work safety. Safeguarding the personal safety of employees and the property safety of the company provide a strong support for the steady development of the company.

The company has always put safety work in the first place, set up a safety production committee, regularly convene safety conferences, summarize experience, unify ideas, analyze and judge the safety situation, implement the layout of key work, and really promote safety work as an organic part of the company's work. Strict implementation of responsibility for safety in production, in line with the principle of "who is in charge who is responsible", the responsibility for safety in production has been implemented to people, the responsibility system for safety in production has been established and improved, and the responsibility of personnel at all levels for safety in production has been established, and those responsible for failing to fulfill the responsibility for safety in work or for accidents have been seriously prosecuted. Through the establishment of "day, week, month" hidden danger investigation system, the safety work layer by layer decomposition, layer by layer implementation, to achieve daily job self-examination, workshop group safety personnel weekly, company leaders every month to their respective safety responsibilities, workshop, production facilities, labor environment, labor protection, electricity Inspection of facilities, fire fighting facilities and other aspects of hidden dangers, found hidden dangers immediately rectified; Leading cadres take turns every day, safety production as an important part of cross-examination, the inspection exposed problems ordered responsible departments to rectify within a specified period of time. Through layers of checks, layers of screening, the hidden danger of security in the bud. Ensure safe production.

The company unifies safety education and training into the training plan, and carries out safety training and education at all levels for leading cadres, administrators and operators. The company also organizes new study regularly at the end of each month according to the actual training needs, carries out safety production month, safety knowledge competition, posted safety slogans and other activities to create a strong atmosphere of safety production, so that employees have a profound understanding of the management concept of "safety is the greatest economy", so that leaders and employees remember safety, consciously. Take responsibility for yourself, your family, and society.

Through six years of safety standardization operation, we deeply feel that the safety quality of employees has been enhanced, the post responsibility has been strengthened, the level of equipment and facilities has been improved, the working environment has been improved, and the implementation of relevant systems has effectively prevented and reduced the occurrence of accidents. According to the requirements of the three-year review of safety standardization management, in mid-July 2018, the company launched the third round of safety standardization reaching standards review work, formulated a review plan and invited professional technical advisory units to assist. In the early stage, in view of the production and operation characteristics of our company and the re-evaluation work of the safety standardization work under the guidance of our company's industry, the consulting unit held the "starting meeting of the three-level review of safety standardization in 2018" on September 5, 2008.
The general manager of the company to the general, safety production department Hu Ping, safety consulting experts, departments, workshop first responsible person, the company's all safety personnel to participate in the meeting this start-up meeting. At the meeting, safety experts through the analysis and comparison of safety production accident data in recent years, give full affirmation to the safety work of our company. Clearly pointed out that at this stage the state attaches importance to safety work, to bring far-reaching significance to enterprises, so that all levels of enterprise personnel understand "why to carry out? How? Safety standardization. On behalf of the company, Hu Ping of the Ministry of Safety thanked the safety experts for their guidance and emphasized the importance of the meeting again. He pointed out that the review was the focus of the safety work in the second half of this year. He urged the leaders of various workshops, departments and safety personnel to cooperate actively with the completion of the review and certificate replacement work of safety standardization, and drew a successful picture for the safety work in 2018. A full stop.

After the meeting, the expert group went deep into the production site and conducted on-site diagnostic guidance to the company by means of consulting information, personnel interviews and on-site verification. Through professional, careful and meticulous review by the expert group, it is found that there are still many potential safety hazards in the company, some of which are still serious and need to be rectified and implemented immediately. The safety production department of the company has analyzed and studied these hidden dangers one by one, found out the root of the problem, worked out the implementation plan of the hidden danger rectification, completed the rectification time and issued the notice of the hidden danger rectification one by one to the relevant workshops and departments for rectification. During this period, the safety department will supervise and cooperate with the various workshops and departments for rectification. Take the closed loop of hidden danger rectification in the scheduled time.

The expert's on-site diagnosis is an important part of the three-level review of safety standardization. All staff of the company should listen carefully to the opinions and suggestions of the experts, and all the staff should participate in and work together to draw a conclusion from the problems. In accordance with the requirements of safety standardization management, we should take this review as an opportunity to continuously strengthen the implementation of the work, consolidate the safety foundation, and upgrade the standardization, standardization and institutionalization level of company safety management to a new height.
Zhou Ying from Comprehensive Management Dept.

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