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On the July 9, 2018, the company held the launch meeting of the standardization of the two-oriented integration management system in the meeting room where is on the second floor of the starting workshop, carried out the promotion and training of the standardization of the two-oriented integration management system, promoted the communication among various departments and mobilized and deployed the standardization. General manager Xiang Mingsheng, party committee secretary Xia Yu, Ba’an economic and information commission Xiao Jianyong,  experts of Chongqing two-oriented integration energy-saving and cost-reducing technology application center as well as the company's senior management personnel, related department heads and more than 30 people attended the launch conference.

At present, a new round of revolution of scientific and technological and industrial transformation is emerging, accelerating the deep integration of various fields. With its rapid development momentum, it has a subversive and revolutionary impact on the traditional development concept. In this context, since 2014, ministry of industry and information technology of the People's Republic of China has organized and implemented the "two-oriented integration standard", among which the construction and promotion of the "two-oriented integration management system of enterprises" has been mentioned as the first special action.

At present, most enterprises have made great progress in technological innovation, but management is still a weak part. "Two-oriented integration standard" not only involves the integration of technology, but also a management optimization process, it draw lessons from the practice of the international advanced management system, through summarizing  enterprise informatization, the basic rule of integration of industrialization, rise to further promote the practice of universal experience.

formed a set of two- integration management system standard, and a normative enterprise internal system is given.The general method of promoting the integration of industrialization and urbanization can effectively help and guide enterprises to innovate ideas, improve advanced management experience, enable enterprises to realize expected investment benefits and investment objectives in the integration of industrialization and urbanization, and truly improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.

At the launch meeting, the company's general manager, Xiang Mingsheng, announced the establishment of the leading group and the promotion office of two-oriented integration, read the appointment documents and made a mobilization speech. In his speech, he points out implementing standard is not only the objective need to adapt to market development, is the inherent requirement of standard enterprise management behavior. Implementing standard is on the basis of the early stage of the construction, to promote transformation and upgrading of industry, and build a new capability to obtain sustainable competitive advantage of important strategic decisions.

requiring companies to seriously implement the overall deployment as a normalized work .First, the standardization must focus on the company's strategy of "low cost and high quality", find the key points and problems to achieve the goal according to the company's strategy and use informatization and other tools to solve these problems, and finally realize the company's strategy. The second is to constantly standardize the management process and business process, realize industrial automation and management automation, and effectively reduce the operating cost of the enterprise. Third, all departments should strengthen learning and understanding, and fully understand the significance, essence, objectives and strategies of the two-oriented integration management system.

Relevant implementation departments should focus on how to improve the company's management and control ability and service ability. Fourth, we should push forward in a pragmatic manner, pay attention to the implementation of each specific link, so as to realize the continuous promotion effect of the completion work on the enterprise's future development.

Chen Fengqin, deputy general manager of technical quality ,who was appointed as the management representative, delivered a speech on the meeting. He said that the most critical issue of integration is to build an architecture, which is not built in a short time, but should be cyclic and become a normal state of enterprise development according to the actual situation of development.

Pu hongmei, the quality management department, led the team to learn the promotion and standardization scheme of the integration of industrialization and industrialization .Experts from Chongqing two-oriented energy saving and consumption reduction technology application center gave a special lecture on two-oriented-integration. The participants studied and recorded carefully. Through the tutoring lecture, we have gained a deeper understanding of the essence of the management system of integration of informatization and development. The value network  formed by the integration of information resources -- the business-oriented and technology-oriented penetration of enterprise core competitiveness will constantly develop the enterprise informatization to breadth and depth.

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