Learn Safety Operation, Enhance Safety Awareness, Improve Safety Ability

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In June of 2018, ushered in the 17th annually national production safety month, during this period, JEA organized a special safety training, carried out the safety loophole investigation and rectification, safety accident emergency drill and a series of relevant activities. In order to further improve the safety awareness of all members, on the afternoon of July 6th,  a safety knowledge contest (team competition) organized by the party committee of the group, supported by the Safety production dept. was held in the auditorium of its fourth factory. Eight teams including Chuangkun workshop team, Electronics workshop team, General purpose flywheel workshop team, Machining workshop team, Start motor workshop team, Enameled wire workshop team, Magneto workshop team and Generator alternator workshop team competed in the same field.
In this competition, the team members are all fully prepared and energetic, forming a fierce, climactic and exciting competing process. The live audience answer session that interspersed from time to time during the game was wonderful and presented with small gifts and happy laughter. The competition arbitration also made live comments on some key and difficult safety issues; At the end of the activity was to identify hidden dangers by pictures. All the participants on the stage and the audience actively participated in this section. After the audience answer, director Hu of the General affairs office analyzed all the hidden dangers in the pictures and the hidden dangers that were mapped to daily work. Vice President Chen, who is in charge of safety work, summarized the safety knowledge contest and shared some typical cases on safety accidents over the years, making the intense competition also a promotion activity of safety knowledge.

After three rounds of fierce competition, the Electronics workshop team won the first place, the Generator alternator workshop team the second, and the Chuangkun workshop team the third. Vice President Chen presented certificates and cash awards to three winning teams. Five other teams also won the participation award.

Stick to the "life first, security development" theme, this activity further increased the staff interest on safety operation study, effectively promoted employee safety production knowledge, enhanced the staff safety awareness from "want me to be safe" to "I want to be safe" , and also fully shows the uplifting spirit of JEA members.
                                                 Ying Zhou   General Affairs Office

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