Life is like a flower, and safety is heavier than Mount Tai

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Throughout the ages, many literati and artists have acclaimed their lives, life is brilliant, and safety is heavier than Mount Tai! Life for every one of us, exists only once. Safety inherits the progress of human civilization; safety condenses people's happiness and safety; safety maintains dreams and wealth. On the contrary, ignoring safety can destroy happiness, safety, happiness and wealth that people have carefully constructed.
Health and safety are the unparalleled and most precious wealth that life gives us. Is safety heavier than Mount Tai? Is it not the most basic lifeline of individuals, families, collectives and society? Safety is indispensable to life. Safety is not lost in life.
For our employees, safety is not only the basic requirements for the work, but also a good work and living habit. The safety awareness of the staff is enhanced, and the overall quality of the employees is also improved.
I remember when I was a child, my family lived in the living area of my father's factory. Every morning, I went out to work and school with my father. I still remember clearly the couplets on the gate of the production area, coming to work happily and going home safely. Come home from school I can play with friends at home, actually everybody is waiting for his parents came back from work, if the other friend's parents came back, my father didn't work on time, I ran to keep the production area of the gate, as long as saw father figure he ran to the door, don't care about my dad on the oily be soiled clothes dirty, let dad hug unique feeling the father body temperature. Young at that time I also fully understand the meaning of the safety of this a few words, I feel the words good simple, I know the child, such as his own work, to understand the true meanings of the words. Simple sentence contains much meaning, happily come to work -- is that we need every day some psychological performance, let be frank and open heart to meet every day, the sun shining as July and August. Don't bring bad mood to work, so that both interfere with his work, and colleagues state of mind, more serious is that we bad mood like the devil, at any time in our inadvertently lead to safety accident. Go home in peace, is our common wish, also is enterprise, family and all concerned about our people expect of us, this is the day whether it is windy, or lost, well, the rain, all this is not important, the important thing is who intervenes, keeping us safe.
Peace means cherishing life. Life has no turning back, life has not been driving backwards, loss of safety, no prices can be exchanged for the lost life! Isn't it enough to wake us up to the bloody lessons and the terrible costs? Isn't that enough to trigger our increased awareness of safety in production? Don't we improve our technical skills and our scientific ability to help? Is it not enough for us to consciously troubleshoot and rectify the hidden dangers of production safety?
June 2018 is the 17th "safe production month" in China. In the first half of this year, our company had several safety production accidents. In just half a year, there were many safety accidents, which are worthy of our consideration and alarm. No matter how production is busy, it is not safe to only focus on production. No matter how much money and material safety you have, you will not be happy. We should focus on safety in one hand and production in the other, both hands and both hands should be firm. During the month of safety production in June, there was also a safety accident that caused minor injuries due to the violation of operating rules. It is not because we are not familiar with it, but because we are so familiar with it, paralyzed in the heart, and employees do things in the spirit of luck, leading to these safety accidents that should not have happened.
On June 4, 2018, a safety accident occurred in the generator workshop due to the violation of safety regulations by employees. Xu, as a team leader, who violated of operating procedures, found in the process of operating equipment copper wire winding, his first reaction is not stop device to adjust the iron core, but the device is in operation directly by hand to adjust, the result cans be imagined. If Xu closes the security door, will she reach directly to touch it? The lessons of the blood, and once again to remind us that pain is our own, have of industrial injury insurance is to share the pain of being part of our economy, the pain in your body, the damage caused to their family and trouble who will share for you?
Let's share another case. As we all know, oven is a common equipment of our company. Let's talk about a case about oven causing disability. It happened in my father's work safety accident in the factory, a night that winter, a female instrument man (main job is doing the production records, an hour to fill in the process of production equipment running status, control the pressure gauge, thermometer, the actual data of numerical conform to technical requirements) she felt a bit cold, moved a chair to sit next to the oven pipes to keep warm, then fell asleep. In the operating rules of the company, it is expressly stipulated that people are not allowed to stay in the oven for a long time. She violates the operating rules and sits in the drain pipe beside the oven. At this time, the oven due to vent blocked sudden explosion, resulting in serious injury to the female instrument worker, was immediately sent to the hospital rescue. She survived, but the oven blew off her left leg and had to be amputated. What a blow for a young woman. Later, appraisal is because of industrial injury loses labor ability to retire ahead of schedule. Even if the country has kept you for life, who will help your family? What about the children who have just learned to walk?
Therefore, peace is to grasp happiness, life needs safe care, safety is the life of navigation lighthouse. Only took notice of safe production in your hands, and on the important agenda, only increase the total production safety consciousness, to get the most fundamental and most effective employees' life security.
Peace is enjoyment. The sea of life is full of reefs, roads and mud. If you really love life, love life, to the life has a profound understanding of people, will understand the true content of the safety comes to life, to play the greatest potential safety atmosphere, create happiness, happy life. To gain life is a gift, to lose it is a sadness. Every man has but one life. Once he has it, he must cherish it and make no unnecessary sacrifices. Whether we are the leading actor or the supporting actor, everyone has to step on the stage of life and trudge on the journey of life. The meaning of life is to give, and the cornerstone of sacrifice is the security of life. Cherish life must pay special attention to the safety in production of each process, don't pass every link in production safety, eliminate irresponsible paralysis and lucky heart, to make safety and happiness always with you, him and me.
Life is like a song, it is like a song. When we are free to enjoy the sunshine, when we enjoy all bathed in the rain, we appreciate safety care of our life, while we sigh life bright flower, we should never forget security heavier than mount tai this timeless truth.
Peace to you -- a wish that people will never forget!
I wish you happiness -- it is people's common good hope!

By Zhouying from Comprehensive Office

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