Brief news

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Brief news
(Report from our correspondent) on the morning of May 10th, Mr. He Yousheng, the head of the Banan district government, and Mr. Hu Bai Zhong from the Standing Committee of the Banan District Committee who is also the head of United Front Dept paid a visit to our company and gave instructions to us. .
Under the accompaniment of Mr. Xia Feng, President, and Mr. Xiang Mingsheng , GM, Mr. He learned the production and operation of the company, especially the transformation and upgrading of JEA and the integration of the army and the people. He pointed out that the development of the enterprise must be integrated with the market demand and the development of the society so as to realize the intelligent automation production step by step. In order to break through the bottleneck of development, at the same time, JEA shall actively integrate into the national integration of military and civilians and strive to achieve the perfect upgrading and transformation of the enterprise. After that, accompanied by Mr. Xiafeng, Mr. He visited the starter workshop and the Central Laboratory. Mr. He pins great hopes on the development of the company and encouraged the company to make greater contributions to the development of the local economy.
Mr. Wu Wei, director of the district office, M/S Wuping, the Secretary of the party and Work Committee of the Huaxi Community office, and Mr. Zhu Mingyong, director of the District E&I Committee were also on the spot. Ms. Xiayu, Secretary of the Party committee of JEA, M/S. Chen Qi, and M/S Chen Fengqin accompanied the visitor.
Li Yong from the Reception Office

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