Summary of the staff badminton championship game

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     In order to strengthen the enterprise culture construction, promote the comprehensive development of our sports activities, improve the staff's physical quality, enrich the staff's amateur cultural life. In the late autumn of 2017, the badminton championship game of JILI group started in the ground of next to the staff dormitory . There are three single items for men's singles, women's singles and mixed doubles. The game began on November 14 and was contested by five more RACES, which ended on the afternoon of November 28, and all three of the single winners had been created.
     First day, the first game is mixed doubles , eight players came from a group of management department, sales department, generator workshop, Chuang kun mechanical and electrical workshop ,electrical workshop . Most of them are team members of the their unit, and they have a fierce competition for the top three . In the end, zhong xinglin from the department of management and Nie qiyang from the sales department won the title of the competition with perfect cooperation and good performance. Sales manager Yang shi and mo xiaoyong, dynamo Chen pan and gong si yun group also received the second and third in good performance.
     On November 17 and 28, 14 female workers from 7 units participated in the competition, and the competition was full of suspense before the competition. Yang shihu, from the sales department, has always been expected by the audience because his excellent performance in mixed doubles,  However, zhou qin, who represents yunfeng pharmacy department , is a "black horse". In the competition, she has won the championship with her superb skills ,good performance and excellent competition spirit , and won the honor for yunfeng pharmaceutical company. Xia hongjun from yunfeng pharmacy and gan guojing from quality control department also had a remarkable performance, and was awarded the second and third place.
      Men's singles competition, due to the large number of contestants, the group stage was divided into two and half regions, and the competition lasted three match days to decide the winner. Before the competition, the contestants are actively preparing for the competition, for the collective and individual honor, to win the award of fierce "fight". After three days, six rounds of struggle, finally ,the Kuang Shuai from equipment power house exceeds, rely on his good physical quality, rapid game style and perfect improvisation, he got champion. Zhong xinglin from the department of material management and zhou wenquan of the magneto motor workshop also received the second and third place
      Then, the group worker badminton championship game has been completed successfully. The competition is very exciting. The contestants have not only enjoyed the fierce competition, but also brought joy to the audience. They fought hard in the game, got good results, and won honor for the individual and the team. thumb up For their superb skills in this competition and their efforts , Congratulations to all the participants!
This competition held smoothly, first of all thanks to the company leadership and various units of strong support. The production workshops select contestants with shortage of staff and the heavy duty of production . For this reason, I express my heartfelt thanks to you on behalf of the organizing committee. Thank you for your active support and full cooperation to ensure the smooth running of the competition. 

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