Based on the practical training , promote the awareness of prevent and reduce disaster

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At about 4PM on November 1st, unknown material burning in our company magneto room,smoke along the corridor quickly and spread to the second floor,third floor.The production is busy,the staff is dense and the life of them is greatly threatened.
Smoke-one of the big killer in the fire,it blocks your vision and makes it hard to escape,it's poisonous make it impossible to breathe.Once inherited it will burn respiratory system ,makes people in jeopardy.
When it happened, a sharp whistle sounded in the workshop ,with the direct of leader ,workers use a wet tower to cover their nose and mouse stoop leave the work quickly,along the side of fire escape,they moved swiftly and fast.Due to the reaction timely and right direction.more than 200 people didn't get injured in these short time.
This is a safe emergency training organized by the various ministries.This training is part of the company's annual fire drill. Besides this, we teach the knowledge about dry-chemical fire extinguisher and fire fighting water.there are more than 300 people including ordinary employees,deaf and disabled employees,management personnel administrative and principal offices of the company.The fire department of BANAN also send teachers to take part in this training.
After the evacuation drill, enter the link of fire protection knowledge explanation ,teacher Zhang from BANAN fire department explain the basic knowledge of fire fighting to the stuff teach them the use of fire fighting equipment in detail. We also invited the general manager Mr.Zhang.Mr.zhang highly support this training and made the speech described the importance of fire fighting the meantime,especially thank for BANAN team support.
After the theoretical knowledge training,enter to the actual operation,director Mr Yang  from the company logistics security team showed to stuff use the fire hose put out the fire.with the command of Mr.Yang people moved quickly,they are skilled action and excellent finished.
During the operation of the dry powder fire extinguisher, under the guidance of Zhang 's direction Participants positive get in.At the moment, the presupposed space outside of factory is burning with huge fire,all the worker getting together use the dry powder fire extinguisher finished this training.
This is a training exercise based on actual practice,with many of projects and more than hundreds people from different departments. This training gave all of us unusual test,learned and mastered relevant knowledge.This activity is the company's annual routine. The purpose is let more stuff skilled master the using method of fire equipment and learn more relevant basic knowledge,and improve the awareness of disaster prevention and reduction.The successful holding of this activity has achieved the company’s intended purpose

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