Fihht anainst high temperature to promote production and ensure safety

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There is just one word”hot” to describe the summer and autumn in Chongqing.

This season is the hottest season,so,some old people go to the cool place for one or two months  with their grandson,some others stay at home turnning on the airconditioner,but there are some of people still stick to their job facing to the high temperature,expecially for these people who are working in workshop.we are shocked by zhe busy sense.

In this hot weather, the hot working process is more hotter, Our die casting class, for example, melting process, number of aluminum ingots in 100  ℃ high temperature melting into liquid aluminum, before  that,the furnace temperature is as high as more than 50 ℃, staff is sweating copiously immediately and soak the clothes back when slaging, but we're melting workers did not flinch, still stick to in the post to improve the internal quality of die casting. They provide aluminum water for die-casting process to ensure smooth production of die casting. Aluminum die casting process, a few 100 w ℃ater transport in the holding furnace, and aluminum water temperature must be kept in the number of baidu, which makes the perimeter of the holding furnace temperature is very high, our die casting workers still firmly, "in an orderly way of carrying on the die casting operations  Melting, die casting is a special process, also has certain risk, so, despite the sweat again and again soak the clothes back, they still have to be careful, in strict accordance with the operation process, to ensure safe production If the job was a small melting pot, the whole die-casting workshop was a "melting pot" where all employees were given "roasting".And our staff, faced with such high temperature weather, still have the spirit to lift, the male wind unabated, withstood such "roast inspection".

Of course, it's not just our die-casting classes that are facing the challenge, but also many of our workshops, such as the enameled round cooper wire workshop, the glue room, the enamel chamber, and so on Like these places with heat source, it is a scene of heavy sweating, And the hard work of our porters, which is almost  the physical work of exposure to the sun, and the need to get so many goods on the car every day, the same clothes changed from wet to dry repeatedly.
Facing to the continuous high temperature,our company also put huge investment to fight against it:turning on air-cooler,distributing  heatstroke prevention drug and cooling drink, That is a care provide  for employees' physical and mental health, In the meantime, it will ensure safe production to prevent heatstroke and other safety accidents.

Under the full care of the company, all the staff members are sincere and united, and the company has ensured the smooth progress of the company's production, which has laid the most solid foundation for the smooth delivery of the order. Therefore, we are the most lovable people and the most honorable people. In this sweltering weather, we still strive to be upstream, not to give up, this is the Jili spirit and the jili people, facing difficulties, never bow down to it.

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